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Floral Paint Palette with REAL Flowers

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What's better for an artist than to start their art with beautiful flowers surrounding them? Nature is an artist's first love, and we ensure this remains true as long as you stay connected with us. We at Ethereal Spark ensure that every artist enjoys making art with their beautiful accessories. That's why we offer a floral paint palette made through non-toxic resin so you may indulge in the process more passionately.

Real flowers create this lovely and distinctive paint palette because we believe
beauty lies in real things, not artificial ones. It is so lovely an aesthetic that artists can
use it as a home décor item or a perfume stand too! Dried flowers preserved in the resin can make anyone's day more refreshed and wonderful!

What's more interesting is that this beautiful floral paint palette is
customizable so that you can choose the Floral Colors with clear or partially
white resin. You may choose the colors from the drop-down option below. If you wish to select "multi-color," let us know your color preferences in the "notes" section
while checking out. If you need more color clarication, we will choose them for you!

Due to the epoxy resin's nature, some tiny bubbles may appear in the piece, but
it just adds more beauty to nature's art! We make our products with love and
pour nature's beauty with great care so you can always trust us!


If you want to ask any questions, I will gladly assist you anytime; message me
right away.

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They were phenomenal they worked with me on getting it on time for a birthday party, which was 100% my fault for ordering it late! We will be ordering from them again they are awesome💕