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  • Ethereal Spark

    Inspiring beauty in your home with real preserved flowers and nature decor

Let nature be close to you in the form of preserved flowers.

Is there a special flower you need to hold close to forever, but you're afraid it may wilt and wither, taking away the beautiful memories? Put all your worries aside because Ethereal Spark's Resin Art will help you preserve beautiful memories as dried flowers forever in various inspiring products of resin art.

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Someone special gifted you a flower, and you want to keep it close to you
forever? Has there been a special occasion in your life, and you want that one
special flower to always be the same as fresh as new? A close one recently passed away, and all you have is... Read More

It's the Era of Real Flowers!

Who keeps artificial flowers as home décor or personalized items nowadays when you can keep real flowers forever near you? Whether it's a coaster and a tray made with nature's beautiful flowers or aesthetically pleasing jewelry items to wear casually, Ethereal Spark's resin art collection will make you fall in love with flowers and nature.

Product of the Week

Every week our products are loved more and more, that is why each week comes up with a new product that was made with special care and was loved and shopped by many! Ethereal Spark's resin art collection of dried flowers has grabbed much attention, so what are you waiting for? Check out the product of the week! If you want to stay notified whenever we introduce a new item or whichever product is most trending, sign up for our newsletter and enjoy!

Flower Color
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Wow!!! These dried flower coasters are so beautiful! Your choice of flower color, and gold or plain edges. The various agate shapes make this a fun and unique set!

Please note the flowers, gold flakes, and thickness per coaster will vary from piece to piece as these are handmade products... Read More

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